8 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch

8 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch

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Digital Marketing helps businesses to promote their brand through digital platforms. Using webpages, social media, and email updates, marketing teams can assist businesses in reaching their intended audience.

Likewise, pursuing a digital marketing course in Christchurch will you find various jobs because many firms want candidates with experience. The ones having digital marketing certificates are usually needed by large corporations which will help in their professional careers. The search for competent and skilled digital marketers who can provide value to firms will increase as more companies venture into the area of digital marketing.  

Benefits of Digital marketing courses in Christchurch

1. Brand loyalty: Digital marketing courses can help to build customer loyalty by attracting clients through various social medial channels. By maintaining proper relationships the business will increase its opportunities.

2. Market Analysis: The vital element of achievement for any digital marketer is research and analysis. Pursuing digital marketing courses will help to gain knowledge about the market, their competitors, and the behavior of consumers.

3. Optimization: Online marketing helps to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This benefits new campaign optimization and rapid error correction. It helps you to gather data to determine which target audiences will be most effective so that you can optimize your strategy for people.

4. Large Career Options: As a digital marketing career is booming rapidly so it will help us to find better job opportunities in the field of marketing. Usually, new online positions are announced by a variety of businesses and organizations. They even offer flexibility with regard to working hours.

5. Creativity: A digital marketing course will develop the analytical and creative thinking necessary for producing quality content. Someone with creative energy, a drive to try new things, and the ability to adjust to change can excel in this career. 

Choosing the right digital marketing course in Christchurch

Digital marketing course is one of the most famous courses to pursue in Christchurch, New Zealand. You can succeed and acquire the skills necessary for a great career in digital marketing by getting the benefit of offers provided by digital marketing institutions.

  1. Goals: Each people has their own goals for the future. When you wish to enroll in a course you should be very clear regarding your further goals as it will help your path become more clear and easier.
  2. Course fee and duration: A digital marketing course requires a certain amount of investment. As there are two forms of digital marketing courses in New Zealand short-term courses and long-term courses. Both these courses have a different amount of money.  The short-term course is usually up to 3 to 6 months whereas the long-term course is nearly a year.
  3. Reviews: Reading through the evaluations is the greatest approach to determining if a digital marketing institute’s training and courses are truly valuable. It will just be able to inform you if the digital marketing institute offers internships and placement support for its courses.
  4. Institute Experience: The important factors to take into account are the qualifications of the professors and their years of experience working in this particular field. The majority of digital marketing institutes today provide training and classes in digital marketing both on and off the Internet. To assist you in learning digital marketing completely, it’s necessary to have a specifically defined program and a systematic approach.
  5. Internships and placement: For students, internship programs are crucial because they provide them with the chance to put everything they have learned into practice. The institutions can also put you in a variety of businesses so you can gain the necessary experience. They must offer aid with placement and internships.

Popular digital marketing courses in Christchurch


Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch-IIDE

India’s top digital marketing institution goes by the name IIDE. They have trained over 2, 35,000 people from different countries. IIDE provides a wide range of courses that cover different aspects of digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, digital advertising, email marketing, and more. They offer both online and offline modes of learning to cater to different needs and preferences. You can check their website, iide.co for more details.


  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Search engine marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting 
  • Resume making
  • Social Analytics 
  • Social media marketing
Here are the description of its course:
Course description In-class presentation,
Live online sessions and
Video lectures
Type of course Online
Duration 4 months
Fees INR ₹1,15,000

Recently, IIDE has launched its new course called “Professional Certification in Digital Marketing & Strategy (PCDMS)”. Its details has mentioned below:

Duration 6 months
Video Lectures 55 hours
Live Lectures 140 hours
Live Brand Projects 6

Contact details: +919619958615

2. NZISD- New Zealand Institute of skills development

digital marketing courses in christchurch-NZISD

The primary and highly regarded skills development institution, NZISD, offers programs in digital marketing that are entirely practical. NZISD provides ongoing improvement of our curriculum to guarantee that our learners receive the best information. Via our essential Courses, we’ll teach you a variety of Digital Marketing strategies using a comprehensive training approach.

Type of course Offline
Duration 7 weeks
Fees INR 330,079.46+GST
Syllabus Digital marketing course &
Balwinder Masterclasses
Contact details 0204401000

3. University of Canterbury

digital marketing courses in christchurch-UC

The University of Canterbury was established in 1873. They have trained more than 18,771 people. They are located in Christchurch, New Zealand. The university has state-of-the-art facilities and a beautiful campus spread over 76 hectares. It provides a vibrant and supportive learning environment for students, with a diverse and multicultural community. UC provides a rich student experience with a range of clubs, societies, and recreational activities. Students can engage in sports, cultural events, community service, and leadership opportunities through student associations and organizations.

Type of course Offline
Duration 150 hours
Fees INR 276,510.68 +GST
Contact details +6433643443

Course description

  • Reading materials are available through the library and online.
  • Students are expected to do their own research in addition readings provided. 


  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads

4. New Zealand Institute of Education (NZIE)

digital marketing courses in christchurch-NZIE

NZIE is one of the largest digital marketing course providers in New Zealand. Their objective is to produce skilled digital marketers who could assist any company in using the power of the web. It was established in 1994. Some of the specific courses offered by NZIE include the Diploma in Digital Marketing, Diploma in Business, Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Applied Business (Hospitality Management), and Certificate in Early Childhood Education.

Type of course Offline
Duration 12 to 24 months
Fees INR 683,435.34
Contact details 0800693382


  • Digital marketing practice and principles 
  • Content marketing & media
  • Digital design principles 
  • Websites & eCommerce 
  • Email marketing 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Search engine marketing 
  • Data analysis & reporting

Course description

  • Internship
  • Marketing strategy
  • Business Research Project
  • Advanced HRM
  • Leadership and management practice

 5. The Knowledge Academy

digital marketing courses in christchurch-KNOWLEDGE ACADEMY

The biggest and most experienced facilitator of training programs worldwide, with vast expertise in delivering digital strategies that are loaded with excellence. It was established in 2009. It has trained more than 15,000 clients in more than 190 countries. The Knowledge Academy is a global training provider that offers a wide range of professional development and certification courses. They provide training in various areas, including project management, IT service management, cybersecurity, agile and scrum, business analysis, data science, digital marketing, and more.

Type of course Online and offline
Duration 150 hours
Fees INR 508,299.49
Contact details +64800446148

Course description

  • Internship
  • Offline and online
  • Placement 


  • Digital Marketing (Module 1)
  • Planning, strategy, and testing (Module 2)
  • Customer experience & usability (Module 3)
  • Mobile marketing (Module 4)
  • Content strategy (Module 5)
  • Social media (Module 6)
  • Email marketing (Module 7)
  • Search engine marketing: SEO and PPC defined (Module 8)
  • Integrating your marketing communications for maximum ROI (Module 9)

6. The Career Academy

digital marketing courses in christchurch-TCA

The Career Academy’s mission is to offer customers an exceptional online course environment that will enable people to seize new employment chances and enhance their profession. It is located on Level 1, 2 Heather Street Parnell, Auckland. They provide both short courses and longer certification programs. The courses offered by The Career Academy are designed to provide practical skills and knowledge that can be applied directly in the workplace. They aim to prepare students for various roles or to enhance their existing careers. The Career Academy also offers job placement assistance and career support resources.

Type of course Online
Duration 80 hours
Fees INR 106,889.95 +GST
Contact details 093071140

Course description

  • Understand the demand and needs of customers
  • Upskill to service the digital marketing needs of your own business
  • Utilize social media for customer connection
  • Develop engaging campaigns 


  1. Scope and Nature of Internet Marketing
  2. The Psychology of Internet Marketing
  3. Website Strategy, Principle, and Design
  4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  5. Social Media Applications
  6. Capturing and Converting Customers
  7. Content Marketing

7. Open Polytechnic

digital marketing courses in christchurch-OPNZ

We will examine the core ideas surrounding the promotion of items and offerings using new technologies in the virtual program on digital marketing. It was established in 1946. Open Polytechnic specializes in providing flexible learning options for students who prefer to study remotely or have other commitments that make attending traditional classes difficult. Their courses are primarily delivered through online platforms, allowing students to access course materials and resources at their own pace and convenience. Open Polytechnic provides flexible study options that allow students to learn at their own pace and from their preferred location.

Type of course Online
Duration 16 weeks
Fees 123,487.96
Contact details 0064 4 913 5300

Course description

  • Explain how and where to interact with and react to digital market segments and virtual purchasing behaviors.
  • Create online marketing plans and suggest effective execution tactics and performance metrics.
  • Examine the effectiveness of using social networks and their strength.


  • Ads on social media
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Marketing Emails

8. Unitec

digital marketing courses in christchurch-UNITEC

The online world is super competitive and continuously changing. At Unitec, you may learn about the most recent developments in Internet marketing by studying digital marketing. It was established in 1976. Unitec maintains strong connections with industries and professional associations, ensuring that their programs are relevant to current industry needs. They also provide pathways for students to further their education or enter the workforce through articulation agreements with universities and industry certification programs.

Type of course Offline
Duration 3 years
Fees 1,310,200.22
Contact details 0800109510

Course description

  • Develop a social media strategy and evaluate its efficiency with Digital Marketing.
  • Teaches to analyze customer behavior, build effective marketing strategies, and design ads for legitimate New Zealand businesses.


  • Advanced marketing 
  • Business Analytics
  • Organizational strategies
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing management
  • Buyers behavior
  • Law of business entities 


Q. What is digital marketing?
Digital marketing is a promotional medium through which business can promote their brand online using emails, social media platforms, and websites.

Q. Are digital marketing courses worth it?
In the present period, digital marketing is a successful professional opportunity. The demand for digital marketing courses is increasing and skillful marketer is highly in need.

Q. Is New Zealand good for digital marketing?
Many work opportunities are available in New Zealand’s digital marketing sector for applicants with different skill sets, allowing them to grow their professional lives.

Q. Which course is best for digital marketing?
There are various courses best for digital marketing such as Google digital marketing, Meta social media marketing, Digital marketing, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), etc. 

Q. How do I become a digital marketer in NZ?
First, join digital marketing courses and along with it do an internship in the company. After a certain experience, you will become a digital marketer in NZ.

Q. What is the salary in digital marketing?
According to surveys, a beginner can expect to earn an average income of between $3 and $4 lac per year, with experience bringing a higher wage.

Q. How long is Google’s digital marketing course?
Google digital marketing course is for a maximum of 40 hours.

Q. How much is the Digital marketing course in New Zealand?
It offers a course for a year and the fee is around INR 185,864.22 + tax.  


This entire blog will help you to identify and choose one of the best Digital marketing courses in Christchurch in New Zealand. With the new trends in consideration, digital marketing makes it simple to create brand advertising campaigns. It also makes it easier to demonstrate a company’s commitment to worthy causes.

It is crucial for a digital agency to possess an in-depth understanding of at least one of these topics. Also, it is crucial that a digital marketer comprehends the fundamental ideas behind these components. The program requirements are unique and individualized, regardless if you’re a college scholar, employed professional, entrepreneur, or conventional marketer trying to utilize the fundamental change of trends in digital marketing. Therefore, professionals with expertise in this industry can thus anticipate a very profitable career opportunity in front of themselves. Among the key advantages of taking a course in digital marketing is this.

This can help improve overall business performance, driving better results and ROI. It offers a great opportunity for professionals to connect with others in the industry. This can be hugely beneficial for sharing ideas, gaining new insights, and building valuable relationships.

If you want to have a look at the professional courses which you can do after 12th you can check this link:
Professional Courses After 12th.


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