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What exactly is this quiz?

Jobs that you love to do? Not a myth. Discover which modern career that actually pays is right for you.

This quiz will give you a job you’re suited for according to your personality! We’ll do this using the Myers-Briggs Trait indicator. Say goodbye to the ‘doctor/engineer or nothing’ mentality and discover what lies beyond the horizon

How does it work?

We will analyse your answers based on the Myers-Briggs Trait indicator and data from,, LinkedIn and other online career resources that inform us of not just the demand for certain jobs but also the personalities that match them!

Your results will be analysed using advanced artificial intelligence software and machine learning that will ensure that there is nothing left to human error.

Career make or break factors


Social Orientation

How well you’re able to communicate with those around you on an everyday basis


Decision-Making Skills

This speaks of what you value more while taking a decision; your heart or your mind


Refreshing Skills

This speaks of whether or not you will be open to learning new things



This speaks of how open or rigid you are in terms of rules, schedules and routines

Who all should take it?

Anyone who is confused about their future career or has ever wondered whether the career they’re currently in is the right one for them should take this quiz. If that thought has ever crossed your mind, then you’re in the right place, no matter what stage of your professional life you’re currently at.


Career insecurity is part of every student’s college life. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out the variety of careers that suit your skills, personality and interests.

Working Professionals

Everyone’s working style and personality is different. Discover how to up your productivity level and stay focused. Is your career bringing out the best in you, or can you do better?

College Graduates

Feeling out of place now that you’re finally out of the classroom? We’ve been there, we know what you need: Guidance on careers you can realistically pursue considering your interests.

Career Changers

Having dreamt of a career your whole life and it just not clicking when you’re finally there is tragic. Check out other careers you can do with your experience and background.

Why trust us?

We are scientific

Our advanced AI combined with our test based on the Myers-Briggs Trait Indicator, using state-of-the-art machine learning, will ensure that you get nothing but the most trustworthy, scientific results.

We respect your privacy

We don’t sell your data, we don’t buy data. One of our core values is that data is not currency, and should not be traded in.

We have been where you are

Our team is made up of marketers and coders who have either switched careers completely or gotten into a totally different stream than their degree. We have felt your confusion, anxiety, and desperation.

Discover the right choice for you here!

What are people saying?

Peek into what people are saying for us

Devashree Thaker, Mumbai

I was finishing my college and I had no idea what I wanted to do. I’m now taking a digital marketing course with confidence, something I’ve never felt about any career option before.

Arsh Malik, Delhi

I’m a computer science graduate, and I thought I was going to be building websites for the rest of my life. Now, I’m working in data science, and all because of one online quiz.

Sangeeta Kapur, Pune

My son showed me this quiz, and when I got digital designing, I knew what it meant through 360 Career Advice and other websites. Today, I am a freelance designer-- Thank you 360 Career Advice!

Mariya Jamal, Mumbai

I always knew I wanted to design, I just didn’t know if I was making the right decision. You guys validated my decision, and now, 1 year into my career, I couldn’t be happier. Thanks.

Abdul Rashid, Dubai

360 Career Advice introduced me to data science, and now I work in the data science division for a music label. I’m still able to do something related to what I love, and I’m good at it too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Myers-Briggs Trait Indicator was an introspective quiz created in 1975 and used by 88% of the Fortune 500 companies during their hiring process. Many top colleges also use it for screen applicants. More than 1.5 million of these tests are administered worldwide per year!

It assigns each person a “personality type” out of 16 given types based on 4 basic traits. These traits are:

  1. Extraversion vs. Introversion.
  2. Thinking vs. Feeling
  3. Sensing vs. Intuition
  4. Perception vs. Judgement

These traits indicate where you direct your mental energy in different areas of your life and end up predicting how you will react to situations in your professional and personal life as well. It is an excellent indicator of your capacity to deal with stress, social interaction, and delegation.

At 360 Career Advice, we have created the career aptitude quiz on the basis of the MBTI logic in order to ensure that it is as accurate as possible.

Absolutely, 100%. Don’t worry, we’re not one of those sites that makes you take the quiz and at the end ask you bank account details to share the result.

The Myers-Briggs Traits Indicator is a 45-year-old questionnaire that, based on how you make decisions and interact with ideas both socially and at work, assigns you a “type” that can predict your behavioural patterns.

Using the science behind the MBTI, based upon Carl Jung’s theories, we created this career aptitude quiz. Now you know it’s scientific.

We understand if you don’t take out word for it, though. Check out what some of the past quiz-takers have said here! (link to testimonials).

If you’re a student wondering what branch of higher education you should pursue, a graduate just having finished academics and looking to work, a professional who’s thinking of switching it up … This quiz is for you!

We have included modern jobs with tons of growth potential in the current market scenario, so absolutely anybody facing a crossroads in their career can find the answer they need.

We are totally transparent. You take the career aptitude quiz, you get the result on the screen! No strings attached. If you want further information about the career you have chosen and extra insider knowledge, you’re free to enter your email into the pop-up box, or reach out to us any time!