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6 Popular digital marketing courses in Thrissur

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In today’s generation, any entrepreneur, individual, or business entity perceives the need for an online presence to keep them posted about the latest, fresh, and upcoming trends to provide their target audience with the foremost service that would take their position over the top. But when we look back at the period of millennials, there were hardly any entities who had made it to just broadcasting media.

What made these millennials’ approaches evolve expeditiously?

There’s when the need to influence millions through just an online presence came into the picture. The 21st Century entered this generation with an enthusiasm for tech and gadgets which totally evolved the scenario of ‘cells being used for just calling purposes’ to ‘cells being a part of our day-to-day life’. Therefore, any entity or an individual surviving today feels a need for presence among competitors or peers to be in the queue of an uptrend.

Digital Marketing is the only path here to expand the reach and connect to a larger target audience relating to our genre of services. It is the art of influencing digitally through promoting and advertising the sale of products or services.

Hence, Digital Marketing courses in Thrissur are a boon for learning and upskilling an individual’s skill sets in their toolkits.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Courses:

SEO, Content Creation, CRM, and some interpersonal skills are indeed a part of a digital marketing course in Thrissur but other benefits that a Digital Marketing Course exhibits are:

  • Plays a crucial role in enhancing one’s personality:

Digital marketing courses help enhance one’s personality through effective communication skills, generating creativity, adaptability, confidence, and pursuing entrepreneurial skills.

  • Enhances the CV culture with the skills bagged through this course:

Digital marketing courses enhance the CV by showcasing in-demand skills, highlighting accomplishments, demonstrating creativity and innovation, and analytical skills. 

  • The art of cost-effective targeting helps individuals reach heights in this field:

Cost-effective targeting will eventually make you reach heights in this field by maximizing ad spend along with reducing wasteful ad spend, advanced personalizations with optimizing campaigns, and increasing the relevancy of ads.

  • High pay scale as Digital Marketing is a need of an hour:

The profession of digital marketing is a critical role as well in-demand profession and is a rapidly growing field, There is a shortage of skilled professionals, and therefore deserves a high pay scale.

  • And last but definitely not least, it helps in career development:

It helps you in career development as digital marketing in itself is a diverse career path that brings in not just employment vacancies but entrepreneurial opportunities as well. Digital marketing is the art of continuous learning according to changing market trends.

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Course in Thrissur:

The selection of appropriate Digital Marketing Courses in Thrissur for an individual brings in various parameters that make it easier to conclude a decision.

The parameters to determine an appropriate course is

  • Mode:

Mode or type of course is a basic bifurcation between hybrid or remote which makes it easier for an individual to understand whether the service provided by the organisation is online or offline and also understand what is included in the digital marketing course syllabus

  • Duration of course: 

It is important for an individual to have knowledge about the course duration before applying for the same.

  • Fee structure: 

This factor plays a crucial role in finalizing courses based on whether it is overvalued or fairly valued.

  • Placements: 

Placements or placement guidance is another factor that tests the course’s market value by the placements received by the students after graduating from the course.

  • Reviews: 

The services of the organisation are not initially known to us and therefore the reviews help us learn about their culture and the satisfaction of services provided.

  • Position of alumnus: 

The alumni base reflects the quality of education provided by them which made them reach the position they are currently on. Therefore, the position of alumnus is another factor influencing the decision of choosing the right Digital Marketing Course.

6 Popular Digital marketing courses in Thrissur with course descriptions and other details.

1. Dotin Digital Academy

digital marketing courses in thrissur dotin logo 

Dotin Digital Academy offers virtual digital marketing courses in Thrissur which will evolve you into a complete digital marketer with expertise in top domains such as  SEO, social media, digital analytics, content, email marketing, etc. Shamna Bayis founded Dotin Digital Academy. Here is a brilliantly structured course that will help the students reach their career goals and even earn their dream salary.

Dotin Digital Academy’s Certified Digital Marketing Associate Program will help to upskill in various skills like digital marketing strategy, inbound marketing, website planning, social media marketing, content marketing, etc.

Course Name: Certified Digital Marketing Associate
Type of Course: Online & Offline
Duration: 4 months
Fees: Not known
Google Reviews Rating: 5

Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Module 1: Introduction to SEO
  • Module 2: Advanced SEO
  • Module 3: Content Marketing
  • Module 4: Facebook Marketing
  • Module 5: Instagram Marketing
  • Module 6: YouTube Marketing
  • Module 7: Google Search Console
  • Module 8: Google Analytics
  • Module 9: Google Tag Manager
  • Module 10: Google Ads

Why enroll in Dotin’s digital marketing courses in Thrissur?
Dotin Digital Academy offers comprehensive virtual digital marketing courses in Thrissur, led by founder Shamna Bayis. With a well-structured curriculum, the Certified Digital Marketing Associate Program equips students with expertise in essential domains like SEO, social media, analytics, content, and email marketing. Choosing Dotin means gaining top-notch skills to excel in the digital marketing landscape and achieve career goals, all within a thriving learning environment.

2. Digital Marketing Institute

digital marketing in Thrissur - digital marketing institue

Digital Marketing Institute is one of the leading personalized virtual training of digital marketing courses in Thrissur. It was founded by Ian Dodson & Anthony Quigley and was incorporated in 2008. Their method of coaching includes Cutting Edge Content, live webinars & various Q&A sessions.

This course will bag you the experience and the insights to be able to work and speak with authority in this fast-paced industry. In short, you’ll be a skilled digital marketer, capable of building digital marketing strategies from scratch.

Course Name: Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
Type of Course: Online 
Duration: 6 months
Fees: $1,368
Google Reviews Rating: 4.5

Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads
  • Display and Video Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Optimisation
  • Analytics with Google Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Strategy

Why enroll in Digital Marketing Institute’s digital marketing courses in Thrissur?
Digital Marketing Institute stands out as a top choice for personalized virtual training in digital marketing courses in Thrissur. Founded by Ian Dodson & Anthony Quigley in 2008, their approach combines Cutting Content, live webinars, and interactive Q&A sessions. By enrolling, you gain invaluable experience and insights, becoming a proficient digital marketer who can craft strategies from scratch. Elevate your skills and authority in this dynamic industry with Digital Marketing Institute.

3. Vyiber Digital Academy


Vyiber Digital Academy is a digital marketing academy founded in 2018 at Thrissur. Their courses are referred to as training courses as they train you with practical knowledge and material copies in a flexible & relaxed environment. It offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Thrissur offline.

This course trains you when and how to use the strategies and social media content for the brand, optimizing online presence, and amplifying the brand’s message effectively.

Course Name: Digital Marketing Course
Type of Course: Offline 
Duration: Not known
Fees: Not known
Google Reviews Rating: Not known

Course Curriculum Includes:

Technical Module:

  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Introduction to SEO
  • Introduction to Amplification
  • Planning your content marketing

Why enroll in Vyiber’s digital marketing courses in Thrissur?
Vyiber offers top-notch digital marketing courses in Thrissur, providing practical training in a relaxed setting. Gain expertise in strategic social media content and online brand optimization, mastering effective message amplification. Choose Vyiber for unparalleled offline learning, honing skills crucial for successful digital marketing careers.

4. IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education

Digital Marketing Courses In thrissue- IIDE Logo
Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) is a leading educational institution in India that specializes in providing comprehensive and practical training in the field of digital marketing. Established in 2016, IIDE has rapidly emerged as a preferred destination for students and professionals seeking to enhance their skills in digital marketing. 

The institute offers a range of courses that cover different aspects of digital marketing, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, and more. The institute’s focus on practical learning and real-world applications has helped its students to secure exciting careers in the digital marketing industry.

Course Name: Post Graduation in Digital Marketing
Type of Course: Offline Classroom Learning + Internship
Duration: 11 months
Fees: INR  5,28, 000
Google Reviews Rating: 4.8

Modules Covered in the Course

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing
  • Media Management & Automation
  • Managerial Skills and Soft Skills
  • Compulsory Internship & Thesis
  • Specializations : Performance Marketing and Creative Marketing
  • Capstone Project

Why enroll in IIDE’s digital marketing courses in Thrissur?
Having trained over 2,35,000 learners globally, IIDE’s influence spans beyond India. Their specializations in Creative Strategy or Performance Marketing are helpful for students in aligning their education with their career aspirations and strengths. 

The well-structured syllabus covers a wide range of digital marketing aspects, providing a holistic understanding of the field. Personal mentoring sessions and compulsory internships are the plus point for students wanting to get a better understanding of the topics and apply it in real-world settings

Even though this course is at a higher price point, the curriculum and the networking opportunities the students get throughout the course make up for it.

5. IIM Skills

Digital Marketing Courses in Thrissur - IIM Skills Logo
IIM Skills is one of the premier Digital Marketing institutes which covers different modules of Digital marketing courses in Thrissur. IIM has partnered with more than 300 brands including Amazon, SBI, Zee, and others. It offers 180 hours of online training, practical projects, and internships.

The course, spanning 180 hours, intricately covers 40 aspects of Digital Marketing through a blend of interactive live online instruction and extensive training.  Notably, the course stands out for its comprehensive preparation, not only for the IIM SKILLS Master Certification exam but also for 15 other essential certification exams including Google, Hubspot, and Facebook Blueprint.

With over 120 hours of assignments and 60 hours of live training, the course ensures a profound grasp of vital digital marketing strategies. The flexibility of choosing between weekday and weekend batches, coupled with the freedom to adjust course days and times, further enhances the learning experience to align with individual preferences

Course Name: Digital Marketing
Type of Course: Online & Offline
Duration:  3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
Fees:  INR 34900 + 18% GST
Google Reviews Rating: 4

Course Curriculum Includes:

  • WordPress Web Development
  • Integrated digital marketing strategy
  • Content writing & blogging
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Media Buying
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Digital Infographic & Resume preparation

Why enroll in IIM’s digital marketing courses in Thrissur?
IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing courses in Thrissur offer an exceptional opportunity to receive comprehensive training from one of the most esteemed online training organizations. IIM Skills Digital Marketing courses in Thrissur with 180 hours of comprehensive online instruction, practical projects, and internships. Benefit from partnerships with 300+ top brands like Amazon and SBI.

Gain expertise in 40 aspects of Digital Marketing, including Google, Hubspot, and Facebook Blueprint certifications. Enjoy flexible scheduling options for live training, accommodating individual preferences, and ensuring a profound grasp of essential strategies. Stand out with IIM SKILLS Master Certification and 15 other vital certification exams.

  1. Nexxa Digital Academy

digital marketing courses in thrissur
Nexxa Digital Academy was founded in 2020. This is one of the finest Virtual Digital Marketing Courses in Thrissur. One would acquire knowledge by working on live projects/works under expert guidance and will get acquainted with how you can use Digital Marketing with conventional marketing strategy.

Along with the course, get trained by expert tutors with their personalized attention. This course has 100% practical-oriented training.

Course Name: Integrated Digital Marketing Course
Type of Course: Online
Duration: Not known
Fees:  Not known
Google Reviews Rating: 5

Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization Course
  • Content Writing & Strategy
  • Web creation and development
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Community Management
  • Marketing Automation & More

Why enroll in Nexxa Digital Academy’s digital marketing course in Thrissur?
Nexxa Digital Academy offers top-notch practical-oriented Digital Marketing courses in Thrissur. With a foundation since 2020, it provides live project experience under expert guidance, merging digital strategies with conventional marketing. Benefit from personalized attention by skilled tutors, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey. Choose Nexxa for a 100% practical approach to mastering Digital Marketing in Thrissur.

Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in Thrissur:

  1. Digital Marketing Manager:
  •  Qualifications: Proficiency in SEO, SMM, SEM, Inbound Marketing.
  • How to start: Enroll in a digital marketing course, grasp fundamentals, learn tools, work on projects, build a portfolio, and consider freelancing.
  1. Search Engine Optimizer (SEO):
  •  Qualifications: Strong understanding of SEO mechanisms and strategy brainstorming.
  •   How to start: Undergo SEO training, learn essentials like keyword research, content creation, on-page SEO, work on projects, build a portfolio, and consider freelancing.
  1. Content Marketer:
  • Qualifications: Skilled in content creation, creativity, copywriting, and engagement.
  •  How to start: Receive training in content creation, develop creative skills, focus on content analysis and strategy, work on projects, build a portfolio, and consider freelancing.

4.*SEM Specialist:

  •  Qualifications: Proficient in SEM mechanisms, adept at strategy development.
  •  How to start: Undertake SEM training, practice PPC, research, content creation, learn technical aspects, work on projects, build a portfolio, and consider freelancing.
  1. Social Media Manager:
  •  Qualifications: Well-versed in social media management strategies.
  •  How to start: Receive SMM training, practice content scheduling, and graphic creation, optimize profiles for organic reach, work on projects, build a portfolio, and consider freelancing.
  1. Email Marketer:
  •  Qualifications: Proficient in bulk marketing through email.
  •  How to start: Receive email marketing training, practice promotional emails and announcements, work on projects, build a portfolio, and consider freelancing.
  1. Web/Graphic Designers:
  • Qualifications: Skilled in graphics, web design, and coding.
  •  How to start: Receive design training, practice using graphic tools and coding for web design, work on projects, build a portfolio, and consider freelancing.
  1. Public Relations (PR):
  • Qualifications: Proficient in content creation and communication.
  • How to start: Undergo mass media or PR training, improve communication skills, expand networks, work on projects, build a portfolio, and consider freelancing.

These digital marketing career options in Thrissur offer diverse paths to enter and excel in the field. Start with training, develop skills, gain experience through projects, and establish a strong portfolio to enhance your career prospects.

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In the dynamic landscape of modern connectivity, Digital Marketing has emerged as the vital conduit for personalized and creative communication across online platforms. The post-course trajectory in this field thrives on uniqueness, requiring a fusion of brainstorming prowess and strategic visual acumen. Undoubtedly, Social Media stands as a formidable tool propelling digital marketing careers toward success. Institutions offering relevant courses share a common syllabus that encompasses crucial elements like SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM, and more. Yet, the voyage to masterful digital marketing extends to the realms of influential marketing and the art of curating content.

Moreover, the symbiotic relationship between tech education and digital marketing is evident as web design and development add a touch of presentability and allure. No longer estranged, IT and Marketing harmoniously collaborate to realize efficient marketing objectives. The realm of digital marketing, propelled by ever-evolving platforms, continues to flourish, staying resilient against the tides of algorithmic shifts. As witnessed, its scope remains unbounded, positioning it prominently within the echelons of thriving MNCs.

For those seeking to venture into this promising field, Thrissur offers a compelling destination with its comprehensive range of Digital Marketing Courses in Thrissur. These courses encapsulate the essence of the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, providing aspiring professionals with the tools to navigate and excel in this dynamic realm. The evolution of digital marketing remains unstoppable, and its partnership with top MNCs solidifies its enduring significance on the global stage.


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