IIDE VS Eruditus VS ExcelR – Digital Marketing Course Comparison

Digital Marketing has become one of the hottest sectors in today’s world of the internet, gadgets, and technology. It is an essential skill for not just marketing professionals, but also business owners and entrepreneurs. Surprisingly, there is a significant talent shortage in digital marketing, with demand greatly outnumbering supply. Nowadays, from the convenience of one’s own home, one can obtain a Digital Marketing certification.

Several prestigious colleges and industry specialists are now offering online digital marketing training programs that include practical assignments, and hands-on projects to educate essential digital marketing skills. These courses are more adaptable and less expensive than traditional university degree programs. So, to help you find the best suitable digital marketing course for yourself, we have compared the top 3 courses. But first, let’s start with some considerations to keep in mind when you research different courses and institutes in order to make the greatest decision for you.

Criteria For Choosing The Right Courses

1.  Understanding your requirements

Before opting for any course, first, sort out your needs. Find out the reason behind doing the course and your expected outcome.

2.  Choosing ‘self-learning’ or ‘mentor-led training’

Your mode of learning may depend on whether you like to self-learn or like to be mentored. So, choose wisely between the two.

3.  Understanding the Course Structure and Trainers

Make sure to check the modules of the courses and also research about the trainers that will teach you.

4.  Practical Component and Career Guidance

Internships, live projects, and thesis are highly important when it comes to proving to employers your worth.

5.  Know their Fees and Schedule

Every course has different intensity of training and fee structure. So your task is to find the right balance between your budget and maximizing the knowledge you get from a course.

6.  Sign up for a Free/ Demo Session

You must 100% sign up for not 1 but 2 demo sessions if required. 

Let’s now dive right into the comparison between IIDE, Eruditus, and ExcelR

Comparison – IIDE vs Eruditus vs ExcelR

IIDE Eruditus ExcelR
Admission Difficulty
Moderate Moderate Easy
Mode of Teaching
Live Sessions +
Video Lectures
Live Sessions +
Video Lectures
Live Sessions +
Video Recorded
Mentor-led Live Classes
Image Image Image
Video Recorded Courses
Image Image Image
Doubt solving sessions
Image Image Image
Live Projects
8+ Image Image
Case Studies
Image Image Image
Practical Training
Image Image Image
Managerial Skills
Image Image Image
Visiting Faculty
Image N/A Image
9+ N/A N/A
Final Exam
Image N/A N/A
Image Image Image
Career Guidance
Image Image Image
Placement Support
Image Image Image
Course Duration
4-5 Months
70+ Hours of
Live Learning
6 Months 3 Months
4.8 on Google
(700 Reviews)
3.6 on Google
(11 Reviews)
4.6 on Google
(85 Reviews)
INR 98,250 INR 55,000
INR 29,999
Mumbai + Online Online Bangalore + Online
Contact Details
+91 9619958615

+91 90290 07437

+91 9632156744


Detailed Information About the Courses 

We have done some further research for you and written an in-depth overview of the type of courses the digital marketing institutes are offering. The following courses are the best institutes in India for digital marketing according to our research. So in no particular order, here are the top digital marketing institutes.


This online digital marketing course by IIDE is 4 – 5 months long with intensive mentor-led training made especially for fresh graduates, college students, and professionals looking to take an upskilling break. IIDE or the Indian Institute of Digital Education is located in the heart of Mumbai, the hub of marketing and ad agencies. 

Being one of the best institutes for Digital Marketing Courses, it offers a multitude of courses, from MBA-equivalent Post Graduation Diploma courses, Advanced Online Digital marketing Certification courses to individual short courses in digital marketing, they have covered all needs of the learners. 

On top of that, they have a robust placement cell and brilliant alumni. This course covers all the facets of digital marketing and has a key focus on social media marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, the two most important domains in digital marketing.

The course learning methodology of the course is – First watch Pre-recorded Lectures, then learn directly from your Trainer on Live Sessions and follow it up with 1-on-1 personalized mentor sessions for 100% mastery of the topic.

The faculty includes industry thought leaders having worked for companies like Facebook, Google, Pepperfry.com, Kinnect, FoxyMoron, Schbang, etc. 

Student Reviews:

2. Eruditus

The six-month online Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing was created by Eruditus Executive Education in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) to assist you to advance your career by preparing you for a high-growth profession in digital marketing. 

This cutting-edge curriculum will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the digital marketing landscape and will improve your ability to use analytics to improve the customer journey, manage engaging campaigns, and increase corporate revenues. You will graduate as a skilled digital marketer with a solid understanding of management processes in general and marketing in particular, and you will also be able to accelerate your professional goals after the completion of this course. 

The program’s industry-focused curriculum will be taught via live online sessions and recorded videos by prominent IIT Delhi faculty and industry leaders. This course will cover a wide range of topics, including marketing strategy capabilities and execution strategies, as well as content marketing secrets and tools. 

Student Reviews:

3. ExcelR

ExcelR is a well-known provider of digital marketing courses. ExcelR’s digital marketing course will be taught by highly experienced and accredited trainers who are widely regarded as some of the best in the industry, resulting in an unrivaled learning experience.

Each topic covered in the training is peppered with a plethora of hands-on exercises. Some of the topics covered in the training include Graphic Designing, SEO, Website Building, etc. They also provide you with a year of e-learning access, 10 global certifications from Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other companies, as well as job placement support. 

ExcelR’s digital marketing course is specially curated for final-year students, graduates, working professionals, and entrepreneurs. Many of ExcelR’s previous students now work as digital marketing specialists for a variety of companies. Even after the completion of the program, ExcelR’s Digital marketing training offers extensive support through Whatsapp, Social media forums, etc. 

Student Reviews:


According to our evaluation, all of the listed courses provide you with in-depth knowledge of digital marketing through video-recorded lectures and live sessions, and after the completion of the course, you will also be awarded a certification.

But if you want career guidance or placement assistance after your graduate, then we suggest you check out IIDE’s digital marketing course or ExcelR’s digital marketing course. Both of the institutes provide placement assistance, but IIDE also provides career guidance to help the students choose their career paths.

Always make sure what type of courses you sign up for and see whether they meet your requirements. We hope you learned a lot from this blog and now have a clearer understanding of what institutes are available and how to choose the right one for you.

Do leave us comments for any other institutes or your experience with any of these institutes. Also, if you want us to review any institute of your choice, let us know in the comments below. 

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